Yesterday I got a Kindle Touch.

Now, I’m not sure if I’ve said it before on my blog but I hated the idea of books going digital at first. I told myself I’d never buy a Kindle because I always wanted the actual book. I’m the kind of person that loved turning the pages and the smell of an old book. I didn’t want to have to read on a screen whenever I wanted to. I hated E-readers.

Well, that changed.

I was in Texas and I saw my sister had her Kindle with her before bed and in the morning and I examined it and I actually started to want one. I figured it’d be good for being on a plane or having to wait awhile somewhere, I had thousands of books at my hands. I love looking at my bookcase and seeing all of the different kinds of books and the different covers laid out in front of me. I even started highlighting my favorite quotes from the books I loved most.

I researched the hell out of the different Kindle’s and wasn’t sure which was best for me. I found a ton of Youtube videos that reviewed it (I look there for reviews on any products I plan to purchase, I can’t be the only one!?) and there was on that really stood out. I loved this review and it’s what made me decide on a Touch.

So, glad I did. I love this thing so much.

It’s the perfect size and I love the case it’s in (except it’s purple.. ugh). It came with a light so you can read at night and a wall charger. When reading, I feel like I’m reading a book, which I heard was the most “book-like” Kindle out there. I find myself flying through a book so much faster than an actual paperback.

What I love most is being able to sit at home in my pajamas and buy any book I want from Amazon. It’s so much easier, especially because there’s only one book store, Barnes & Noble around here and it’s not the closest. We had a Borders at the Mall but they closed. Lame.

The one downfall I will say is that now that I’ve got the simplest way to get a book, I can’t think of a book. I say there for such a long time last night trying to think of a book, only to come up blank. There are tons of books I want to read but now that I have the opportunity to find them, I can’t. I need to start making a list.. hah.

I’m currently reading a few books by a new author I found, Kody Boye. He’s younger than me (so jealous!) and writes such fantastic stories. I’m going to review some in a few days when I finish them and hopefully get an interview out of him. I found him on Twitter and have his personal e-mail so we’ll see!

Also, Alyicia reviewed her Kindle and gave out a website, to borrow books from readers, which is fantastic! If you sign up, I’d appreciate putting in this referral code so I can get more borrow requests!