What must people looking for jobs do to get hired

Rarely is a job search a quick, simple endeavor.

There’s no set time commitment and the goal can seem like a moving target. The good news is that this can work for instead of against you. A systematic approach can go a long way toward helping you not only get hired but also getting you a job that’s a great fit.

As you’ve no doubt found, the process can be unpredictable.

Some companies take their time getting back to you and some never do. Assert control over the situation by being pro-active. I give my clients a form I created which allows them to keep track of their progress. This includes when and where they’ve submitted resumes, if and when they’ve heard back, and interview and follow-up dates. Imagine if you targeted 25 companies and you monitored your progress with them–you’d have more than enough to keep you busy, you’d constantly be making contacts, and you just may end up with multiple job offers!

As crazy as it may sound to you right now, I’ve seen it happen again and again. When people focus more on the process and less on the outcome, they quickly gain momentum. The action not only keeps them motivated, but they are less likely to focus on one specific company. With so many balls in the air, they don’t have time to sit around and worry.

To make this approach work for you, there is one consideration.

I’ve had a couple of clients who are resistant to continue when things look good with one prospective employer. I cannot emphasize strongly enough to keep going!  There are so many unknowns, even when you feel an offer is a sure thing. Think of the situation from the employer’s side–are YOU the only candidate they’re interviewing? Probably not.

Think about your entire project, and don’t zero in on one or two aspects. NOTHING is settled until you are sitting at your desk on the first day of work! And, if nothing else, you may receive multiple offers, giving you leverage to negotiate a higher salary!