Am I the only one that gets giddy when I discover new music?

Finding new music for me is probably the hardest thing to do. I’m really picky when it comes to music. People will recommend artists to me and I’ll begin to listen and if I’m not feeling it, I’m going to move on. I honestly can’t really stand much music today, especially people like the new VMA Best New Artist. I looked up some of his lyrics and I was disgusted and appalled that he was even a nominee.

I find a lot of artists and I think “Wow, this is pretty good”, but rarely will I find an artist that really gives me goosebumps and can really make me obsess over their songs. I don’t find too many artists that make me so impressed with their sound and words, but when I do, you’ll know it. I’ll tell everyone about them and bug them until they listen to my favorite songs. I’m sure my friends are annoyed with it, though. I’ll obsess over a new tattoo idea incorporating the artists lyrics in it or I’ll update my Facebook status.

I’m not sure if anyone of you have heard of Explosions In The Sky, but you need to. Wikipedia describes them as “an American instrumental post-rock band from Texas. The band has garnered popularity beyond the post-rock scene for their cinematic, elaborately developed guitar work, narratively styled instrumentals, what they refer to as “cathartic mini-symphonies,” and their enthusiastic and emotional live shows.” I’ve recently discovered instrumental music and how powerful it could really be. I’ve come to love putting in my headphones and reading while listening to Mozart or instrumental versions of my favorite artists. EITS are the best band to listen to if you’re looking for inspiration or just background music while reading. Every song is relaxing and so powerful in it’s own way.