A Presentable Essay

For the purpose of the essay we have to make it presentable right so our written communication whether we are writing our our paragraphs our grammar our indenting our commas . spelling mistakes all of these need to be taken care of okay and the third thing that you’re evaluated on an essay is the structure or the organization of the essay okay so what I will do is what I would like to do is I would like to come back to all these three points I’ll come back to all these three points but before that I would like you to write one essay okay so would you like to write an essay writing service nz right now all of you have yes no yes so I’ve got one yes willing to write an essay guys yes three have got three people saying yes what about the rest of you four okay so I’m going to give you a topic please listen very carefully what you are going to do in the next 20 minutes.

okay I’m going to give you a topic so I will give you 20 minutes to write the essay guys okay and after the 20 minutes are up I will ask one of you to show your essay to the entire group okay so we then will take your essay one of your essays and then we work it from there we will talk about all the evaluation parameters again with your essay as a reference point okay so that’s what we’re going to do when you write the essay like I said you will get twenty minutes here’s guys so I am writing the topic now and from now I will give you 20 minutes to write your essay okay so I am writing the topic on the whiteboard in front of you this is your topic guys please start best of luck you have 20 minutes this guy’s please stop writing please stop writing guys.

okay good so how has the experience nice how did you find the essay writing tasks were you aware about the topic were you having good content okay so now what we are going to do is I would like you if you while you were writing if you had any doubts if you felt there was something troubling you or there was something which came to your attention at that time please post all your questions in the chat box I’ll take them up but the same time I will take them up while we are doing the next activity I would now like one volunteer anybody anybody would like to volunteer and share their essay with the rest of the group who would like to share your essay with the rest of the group okay so Shopsmith will take up your essay please hang on a second is this your s Tashman okay so just give me a minute now okay can everybody see the essay on the screen Chaucer don’t worry yeah in fact it’s very good I appreciate it a lot that you are volunteered to Shearer has saved the rest of the group I hope all the entire group learns something from the discussion that we have on this.